MPT Madison Heights, MI

Corporate Information

Currently, At MPT, we boast about our:

  • Inside sales averages 16.3 years experience
  • Outside sales averages 15.3 years experience
  • Purchasing averages 16 years experience

With a few exceptions, the above mentioned experience is all at MPT Drives, Inc. We obviously have a very low turnover!

We are service orientated, with our size and individual ownership we are able to make decisions quickly and virtually eliminate red tape. We can make corrections or changes in our system to enhance service to our customers.

We are problem solvers. Customers come to us for solutions to their problems. We do not just "furnish" items from our catalog... we SELL solutions. We specify parts that may improve on a customer's design because we've seen it before!

Training, training, training! The very first thing we teach a new inside sales associate is how to choose a v-belt drive, (the old way) with a calculator and a catalog. We do this so the sales associate understands the concept, not just how the computer selection program does it. We take advantage of all factory schools and do in house training whenever possible.


OEM. Our customer base is 90% OEM. We have always been focused on this group because we have served each other well. They ask for help in early stages of design because they know our level of experience.

Resale. We are increasing our sales to the HVAC market. They come to us with a fan speed and horsepower and we send them off with a new v-belt drive (maybe even a motor and bearings). We stock a large amount of belts and sheaves to solve problems, so the customer does not have to wait to get their unit back up and running. This type of service and availability keeps them coming back.

User/MRO. We are beginning to focus more on this segment. We will not attempt to compete with chains for nation wide contracts. We will however offer the same service and experience we offer our OEM customers.


If you would like to join our team please mail, fax, or e-mail your resume to Keith Nowak.

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